Connection Offer Review

If you need a new electricity connection for your home or business premises, you will ask your local electricity company to provide a connection offer.  This document details the nature of the connection they will provide for you – how the cables will run from the nearest point of supply and what sort of equipment and groundwork will be needed.

The first time you look at the price quoted in your connection offer, you may need to be sitting down.  Electricity companies prepare these quotes based on what makes sense to them, not to you.  While you’re sitting down, make a note to call Qmulus on 01463 226 717 and ask for a connection offer review.

Qmulus specialists have years of experience in designing these connections.  They know exactly what sort of equipment should be specified and how cables should be routed.  We can review the first offer you get and make sure you’re getting the best value possible.  Do the cables really need to take that route from the transformer to your property?  Is all that equipment really necessary or has it been over specified by the electricity company?  Only an experienced , specialist electrical engineer can really tell you.

With Qmulus acting on your behalf, it’s often possible to achieve real savings on the original price. 

The number you need to call is 01463 226 717.