Connection Review

Based on our years of experience of electricity distribution and inside knowledge of how regional electricity companies operate, we can give an objective evaluation of both the financial and technical aspects of the connection offered to you.  We may be able to identify cost savings and ways of achieving your connection more quickly.

Contestable Work

Since OFGEM deregulated the market, many businesses can benefit from lower costs and improved service by using a third-party, contestable contractor.  Qmulus will evaluate your connection requirements and identify how they are best delivered, whether by your local electricity company or a competitive contractor.

Problem Connections

Not all electrical connections are straightforward.  There may be technical difficulties, you may have a tight timescale or have received an unexpectedly high quotation from your local electricity company.  We can help overcome these problems by reviewing the connection requirement and finding solutions.

Private Distribution

For very large sites there can be advantages to having your electricity network installed, owned and operated by an alternative licensed operator.  Qmulus will assess the viability of this approach, if appropriate, for your business.

Connection Management

Let us take responsibility for getting your connections right.  You pass your site requirements to Qmulus and we manage the complete connection process with the appropriate electricity company.  Call us on 01463 226717 to discuss.