Power Systems

Qmulus provides electrical design, management and specialist connection services to the power industry and large users of electricity.  We combine comprehensive technical expertise with high quality standards to ensure our customers achieve cost-effective and reliable solutions to their electrical requirements.

Experience that Counts

Qmulus engineers and consultants are highly qualified and have considerable experience in the electricity distribution and generation industry.  Qmulus engineers have worked at a senior level within regional electrical companies so, as well as a proven technical capability, we can offer valuable, practical knowledge of the supply industry.

Quality Results

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best results.  From overcoming technical problems to negotiating good value, we are rigorous in the standards we apply at every stage of a project.  We add value to our clients’ projects by ensuring you derive the greatest benefits from your electrical connections and networks.

Flexible Service

Depending on the scope and needs of the project, Qmulus will provide the appropriate individual specialist or create a multidisciplinary team that can service nationwide requirements.  We value our relationships with our clients.  We work hard to understand clients’ business needs and ensure our service is flexible to suit different budget and time constraints.

Safety Assured

Qmulus is committed to safety and reliability in all its activities and complies with all relevant legislation and codes of practice.  Our engineers have detailed, up to date knowledge of the electricity industry standards and HSE requirements.

Our Knowledge is Your Power

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